Patrick Casey Design: C’mon, you know avoiding content creation isn’t an option any more.

C’mon, you know avoiding content creation isn’t an option any more.

The days of creating a website and just leaving it sitting there are long over. For anyone who wants to rank well in Google there’s really only one choice: start creating high-quality, relevant & (most importantly!) original content for your website – and the tough part is, you have do this on a consistent, regular basis (no skimping folks!)

With their Panda, Penguin and other updates in recent months, Google have wiped out almost all of the sneaky underhanded techniques formerly used to boost a website’s ranking – these are the “black hat” techniques often peddled by guys promising things like: “I’ll get you to #1 on Google in 1 week if you give me $1000”. This type of stuff just doesn’t work any more – Google have got too smart for it, which is a good thing!

Engage with your customers… or else! *shakes fist*

So Google’s pulled the rug out from under the feet of all those “black hat” SEO guys – but why is this a good thing? Well, it forces companies to be honest with their customers and to really engage with them. This means giving the customers what they are actually interested in – topical, relevant content that is of use to them. Once you do that, the customer will see that you are trying to provide them with something of value – and they will return for more! On top of that, customers are much more likely to spread the word to their friends and colleagues – good word-of-mouth is super-valuable!


Patrick Casey Design: You’d better get used to it: This is what a happy customer looks like – lots of teeth on display.

You’d better get used to it: This is what a happy customer looks like – lots of teeth on display.

So how do you go about providing this content? And how much should you be creating? Well, the simplest way to do is to just sit down and write something (duh!). It should be of interest to you website visitors: important news, changes to your services, articles about interesting places that they might like, special offers, “how-to” guides,… as long as your customers finds it useful or entertaining then you’re good. Two articles per week is usually a good starting position – one posted on Monday, the other towards the end of the week.

But there’s a Problem

Yup, there’s always one

You’re busy running your company and don’t have the time or energy to spend time writing like this on a regular basis (remember: 2 articles per week minimum). Sure, you could take a chunk out of your week and spend it writing something that you hope will generate loads of viral attention. But then who’s going to be doing your job while you’re typing? Eek!

Patrick Casey Design: Ask yourself honestly: Are you really this good?

Ask yourself honestly: Are you really this good?

The Solution

(Oh thank goodness!)

The solution is to outsource – let someone else take care of it, while you reap the benefits (more website visitors, better word-of-mouth, increased Google rankings, and more business for your company). We offer a full content creation service: we will write completely original content on topics relevant to your company and your customers. We will schedule these articles in advance and add them to your website. We will insert images and links (great for SEO and readers) and optimize the text for search engines. All you have to do is approve the list of articles beforehand, and we’ll take care of the rest!

The Bottom Line

So, what’s this going to cost?

Well, it’s not as much as you might think (and remember, you’re getting completely original, customized, optimized content on a regular basis which is exactly what Google loves).

We recommend a minimum article length of 250 words (in fact, you will receive articles that are more like 300 words  for no extra cost). We charge charged at €25 per article (if you’d like a dollar price just get in touch and we can discuss what you need). SO, your total cost per month is:

(€25 per article) x (8 articles per month) = €200 / month.

Over the year, you will have almost 100 new articles added to you website, all of which will be optimized and targeted at your customer base (Google loves this)! What larks, eh Pip?

Your Next Step

Success, here you come!

How do you obtain website content nirvana without the effort (how Zen is that?) Well, just pick up the phone or fire off an email and contact us today. We’ll have a quick, no-obligation chat with you about how our content writing services can benefit you, and you’ll go away with a warm fuzzy felling in your tummy – guaranteed*.

Patrick Casey Design: Just think: This could be you!

Just think: This could be you!

*Full disclosure: Guarantee is not a guarantee – we have no control over your tummy or it’s state of fuzziness.

We provide a dedicated content writing service for website owners. Get your site humming with our unique content!

To learn more about content creation for your website, give us a call on +353 (0)1 525 2209 or contact us at We’ll give you a no-obligation consultation – Call now!

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