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Set Up to Represent Irish Drift Racing

The Good Luggage guys take motorsport photography to a whole new level. They’re passionate about cars (some might say nutty!), but they’re also very philosophical about it too. In their own words: “The essence of cars is for personal satisfaction, for enjoyment, so why fixate on making sure everybody else likes your car or your chosen style? In today’s world everything and everybody must be labelled, categorised, and sanctioned off into neat set parameters. Why not mix them?”

Our Website Solution

Good Luggage wanted a slick & unique website to showcase their incredible high-octane photos of the drift racing world. They want to portray the romance and gritty reality of that world, and express their philosophy and love for the community through the new website. The lads themselves say it best: “Good Luggage is the 3 guys who stay up till 2am in a shed, either helping to fix a mates car, or more often than not arguing over something he wants to fit to it.” We built them a website to showcase their dynamic, high-energy work.



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Good Luggage

“Excellent stuff Patrick Casey Design! I love the look of the site now, it’s really great – thank you very much!”

Paddy Macken

Owner, Good Luggage

Good Luggage
Good Luggage

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